Thursday, March 18, 2010

What's Happened to Indy?
I've had an ear infection.  For twelve months I have endured many visits to various vets, copius amounts of medication, low allergy diets and diagnosis after diagnosis. All without complaint. 

Finally the Sunbury Animal Hospital had enough and referred me to a specialist.  Did you know that specialists are available for animals too? And require referrals, just as for humans? And cost a fortune, just as specialists for humans do? 

So off we went to the Melbourne Vet Referral service.  After poking and prodding and then all of us looking in his ear with a camera, it was decided that the best course was to clean his ear properly, whilst under anesethic. So here I am, recovering from  my ordeal, with my bandage on where the catheter was applied. 
On the way home we stopped in at his Mum's school to pick her up.  On the desk and amongst the books he demonstrated he is truly teacher's pet.