Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Presents

Christmas Presents

At last - Christmas is here! Hooray.  I've had to put up with soooo much.  First of all is the travel.
 I like to have Christmas in my Summer Palace - in Melbourne, where I can escape from the humidity. But getting there is so rugged.  I have to travel baggage class.  So here I am traveling with Qantas and flying on the day before Christmas Eve.  I've got to tell you, that engine looks pretty big as I go past it. I believe it's a CFM 56-7 engine.
The good thing about flying with Qantas is they use Boeing jets.  Boeing jets have a pressurised and heated compartment (I like to think of it as a private suite) in the baggage hold, just for pets.  Airbus planes don't have that, so they can't take pets.  So if it aint Boeing, I aint going!
But at last! It's Christmas Day and after putting up with so much; the travel, the stuff all around the house, a plastic tree - inside the house, festooned with lights and trinkets, and the lights going on and off to a cacophony of sounds.  Well it's enough to make a cat distracted.
But, here it is.  It's Christmas and I got presents.  I got a stick with a fluffy bit and feathers that is attached to a person to make it work.  It is such a good present and it is so much fun to swat, to jump on and to chew.
I also got a new litter tray, because litter trays are very important to cats.  That's all I'm allowed to say about the litter tray because Mum says there are some things best left un blogged.

May your Christmas be as much fun and happy as mine. May you enjoy your day with all your pets and the people they own.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Every One
and I can truly say
Ho! Ho! Ho!

What a year it has been!  I hope everyone is feeling as sensational as I at this time of the year. 

Now as we go into the festive season I've got the parents right where I want them, all wrapped around my little paw.  Ready, willing and able to do exactly as I command.  And if the cuteness and cajoling doesn't work, then there's my backup plan.  Yes! The ultimate weapon. Sleep deprivation.  A CIA approved strategy that I have purrfected.  They usually crack after a couple of hours, but I can keep it up for a week if they resist.  Or until someone cracks it and gets the water pistol.

Update on My Diabetes Progress

All gone! Yep, I'm better! What more can I say? Purrfect.  After the vets took me off insulin they tested my blood glucose a couple of times and it has stayed in the normal range.  All thanks to the vets at Sunbury Animal Hospital  A sensational team.
The parents are very pleased as it means they no longer have to measure the insulin into a syringe, grapple me, hold me tight, then inject themselves in the hand, thumb, finger or wherever else I could wriggle to make them miss.

But all I have to do now is stick to my diet of special cat food.  I don't mind the diet - but Christmas season is upon us and, well we all know how good Christmas smells.  I've got to keep practicing that wrapping of people around the paw, or sleep deprivation.
May the lead up to your Christmas be Purrrrrfect