Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Presents

Christmas Presents

At last - Christmas is here! Hooray.  I've had to put up with soooo much.  First of all is the travel.
 I like to have Christmas in my Summer Palace - in Melbourne, where I can escape from the humidity. But getting there is so rugged.  I have to travel baggage class.  So here I am traveling with Qantas and flying on the day before Christmas Eve.  I've got to tell you, that engine looks pretty big as I go past it. I believe it's a CFM 56-7 engine.
The good thing about flying with Qantas is they use Boeing jets.  Boeing jets have a pressurised and heated compartment (I like to think of it as a private suite) in the baggage hold, just for pets.  Airbus planes don't have that, so they can't take pets.  So if it aint Boeing, I aint going!
But at last! It's Christmas Day and after putting up with so much; the travel, the stuff all around the house, a plastic tree - inside the house, festooned with lights and trinkets, and the lights going on and off to a cacophony of sounds.  Well it's enough to make a cat distracted.
But, here it is.  It's Christmas and I got presents.  I got a stick with a fluffy bit and feathers that is attached to a person to make it work.  It is such a good present and it is so much fun to swat, to jump on and to chew.
I also got a new litter tray, because litter trays are very important to cats.  That's all I'm allowed to say about the litter tray because Mum says there are some things best left un blogged.

May your Christmas be as much fun and happy as mine. May you enjoy your day with all your pets and the people they own.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Every One
and I can truly say
Ho! Ho! Ho!

What a year it has been!  I hope everyone is feeling as sensational as I at this time of the year. 

Now as we go into the festive season I've got the parents right where I want them, all wrapped around my little paw.  Ready, willing and able to do exactly as I command.  And if the cuteness and cajoling doesn't work, then there's my backup plan.  Yes! The ultimate weapon. Sleep deprivation.  A CIA approved strategy that I have purrfected.  They usually crack after a couple of hours, but I can keep it up for a week if they resist.  Or until someone cracks it and gets the water pistol.

Update on My Diabetes Progress

All gone! Yep, I'm better! What more can I say? Purrfect.  After the vets took me off insulin they tested my blood glucose a couple of times and it has stayed in the normal range.  All thanks to the vets at Sunbury Animal Hospital  A sensational team.
The parents are very pleased as it means they no longer have to measure the insulin into a syringe, grapple me, hold me tight, then inject themselves in the hand, thumb, finger or wherever else I could wriggle to make them miss.

But all I have to do now is stick to my diet of special cat food.  I don't mind the diet - but Christmas season is upon us and, well we all know how good Christmas smells.  I've got to keep practicing that wrapping of people around the paw, or sleep deprivation.
May the lead up to your Christmas be Purrrrrfect

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Great News

 My Diabetes Progress

Last week I flew to Melbourne to see my vets at the Sunbury Animal Hospital.  Once again I got to fly with my very favourite airline - Qantas.  Apparently they are my favourite airline because my parents get free drinks when we fly with them. 

So off we set for Melbourne, my Father and I to see the vets.  Flying and vets are not my favourite activities and in my cage I settled in for a good sulk.  Before we left home I tried hiding, I tried running, I tried resisting, but I was scooped into the cage and sent off as baggage.  Excuse me! Being treated as a piece of common baggage.  And they wonder why I sulk. 

Then the next day I had to go to the vets all day.  The vets is not a fun place, but I try my best to get what amusement I can out of them by growling every time they come near me.  This can be very funny, especially when the young assistants recoil in fear every time I growl.  What's not funny is the growls don't work on Dr Dennis and Dr Glenn and they spend the whole day taking blood samples from me.

When my parents came to get me Dr Dennis told Dad that my blood sugar levels were low all day and that I should stop insulin injections for the weekend and bring me back on Monday to see what was happening.

When went back on Monday everybody came into the surgery to watch me get my blood test!  The vets were there, the assistants were there and my parents were there.  This was my golden opportunity.  I growled at every one!  A very deep loud growl from way down inside my belly to sound just like a tiger.  The young assistants recoiled in fear - which was predictable, the parents laughed, which was insensitive, I was trying to be serious, and the vet, Nicole, stuck an needle in me and got some blood.  That earned another growl.

A drop of blood was put on the glucometer and everyone held their breath; except me - I was still growling.  Then Nicole said my blood sugar was spot on perfect and I don't need any more injections.  The vets smiled and laughed, my Mother cried, and she hadn't even seen the bill yet, and My Father said something about not having to stab himself all the time trying to give me my needles.

I just glared at everyone.

I have to go back for another test this week, just to make absolutely certain, and to make sure I can growl at everyone at the Vets that I missed last time.

The staff at the Sunbury Animal Hospital have been absolutely wonderful in their dedication, advice and encouragement in working with us to get Indy's diabetes into remission.  

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Shopping Bags

Shopping Bags
I know I got a new bed last winter, but, the parents keep leaving these shopping bags in the bath tub of the apartment. Well, they call it an apartment, but we know it is really a gaol.  You can tell because you just have to remember the fuss that was made when I got out on the window ledge.  If I had just learned to knot a few sheets together freedom would have been mine and there would be no stopping me.

Enough dreaming.

Anyway the gaolers, I mean parents, keep leaving shopping bags in the bath tub.  Because they've been to the shops they smell ooooh so nice.  That means they are good to sleep in.

If I sit still and hide deep in a bag, perhaps one day I might escape my prison by disguising myself in a shopping bag and get taken to the shops.  

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'm Sulking


I'm not happy.  Today my father came home and tried to cook dinner on the BBQ on the deck.  What a debacle.  Now I've told you about his culinary talents, or lack of them, before.  First of all the BBQ ran out of gas.  Then he took some perfectly good raw meat and ruined it on the stove inside.  I don't know why he just didn't eat it raw, like I would.

But that's not why I'm not happy.  I wanted to go out onto the deck because I wanted to go to my window ledge.  Now that I know how to go to the window ledge I've never missed an opportunity to try and hop back on to it.  The parents were so funny when I went out there last time.  Waving arms, talking loudly and then, the best bit - offering me raw beef bits to come back.  Easier than hunting I can tell you!  And then, to cap it off I get cuddled.
Well tonight I'm not happy.  When my father was ruining the meat on the stove I wanted to go out onto the deck and play, and then go to the window ledge.  I thought perhaps that might encourage him to take the rapidly cremating meat off the stove.

But he wouldn't let me out.  I stood at the door and looked out.  I stood as tall as I could looking out and I kept looking back at him to notice me.  But he ignored me.  I meowed as loudly as I could.  Believe me it was loud.  He still ignored me.  So - I went and hopped into the bath tub with the shopping bags and I meowed there.  

When the gaoler finally came in, I turned my back at him.  Just sat there and said nothing.  In fact I ignored him.  Ha! I thought, how do you like being ignored now?  Not funny is it?

I hoped he would get the message that I was displeased with him.  Instead he got the camera.  I didn't expect that!  Wait until he's not looking and I jump up to where he keeps that camera, then we'll see if he ignores me.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

X Marks the Spot

Hi Everyone.  Mum has been sick so, today, I set out to make it a memorable day for her.  This morning, after breakfast, I decided to surprise her. 

I went out onto the deck in my apartment, and then, when no one was watching, I jumped off the deck and onto another 3rd floor window ledge. (If you enlarge the picture of our apartment block X marks the spot.)

I could see everything from up there and I was sooooo happy.  When my Dad found me he foolishly told Mum where I was.  Mum came running out to see me.  Success!  So now I was back as the centre of attention.  I was even happier and my parents couldn't catch me.

Then came the best bit.  I couldn't get back.  You should have seen Mum freak out!  Funny how she thinks just telling Dad about the situation even louder will fix it.

Finally Dad ruined all my fun by stretching out as far as he could over the balcony railing, then he grabbed me by the scruff of the neck and under my chin and hauled me back in.  He had to lean out so far and put so much weight on the thin railing, then streeeetch to reach me so much he now thinks he's bruised one of his ribs.

Anyway, now I know exactly what to do and everytime I go out on the deck I head straight toward the window ledge.  I know my parents don't exactly know how I got out there yet, but somehow I'm not sure they are too keen for me to show them.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Stock Take Opportunity

The toaster came out of the cupboard today.  One of those rare Saturday morning events when the staff cook their own breakfasts instead of ripping something out of a packet like a muesli bar.  And I can tell you - I'm totally in awe of the way they use that toaster and how they skillfully turn perfectly good white bread to useless black toast.  Watching Master Chef on TV has made absolutely no difference to their culinary talents.

Oh I should clarify, I've been advised that I'm supposed to be sweet and cute and as a result, I'm not allowed to call the humans I have here servants or gaolers, so I've resorted to referring to them as staff.  Innocuous enough I hope.  Anyway, I digress.

So I took the opportunity to look at where the toaster lives and check if there was any food stockpiled.  Predictably there was none.

I also went to the vet today. My ear infection is back, so here we go again, more antibiotics.  I also suffered the indignity of sitting with dogs, being weighed - and now they all know my weight and having a light shoved in my ear and cotton buds stuffed into it.  Growling at the vet seemed to have some beneficial effect as he didn't try and take my temperature this time.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


 It never ceases to amaze me what some people put on line.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hi Every One.  I went for my in patient visit to the Sunbury Animal Hospital last Friday to spend the day having my blood sugar levels checked out to see how my diabetes was responding.  

The day got off to a good start.  I got there bright and early and immediately growled at the Vet nurses so that they would quickly realise that I was boss.  This ensured they kept a respectful distance when taking blood samples.

The vet nurses are really lovely, but I find the more I growl at them the nicer they are to me as they try to win me over.  They always tell the servants what a nice cat I am, but I just growl or glare at them.

After having a good start things went down hill a bit.  I got my neck shaved, even though it is the middle of Winter in Melbourne.  Worst of all I'm not even Greek.  Then every two hours my blood was taken to be tested.  To cut a long story short, Dennis, the vet said that it appears my pancreas is now generating insulin after having had a little rest.

So now, my insulin dose has been reduced a little, although I still get injected twice a day.  Twice daily injections is not all bad as I try to see how often I can make the servants stick themselves as they try to do my injections whilst I keep wriggling.

In September Dennis plans to spend a couple of days taking me off insulin and thinks the diabetes can be controlled without injections.

Woo Hoo - no more needles twice a day and I'm sure my servants will be pleased to avoid sticking and injecting themselves on a regular basis too.


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Winter Warmth
Its the middle of winter here, but today I managed to suck as much heat out of the sun as possible.
And I've got to tell you, this is far nicer than some winters I've experienced.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

A New Bed!

Guess who got a new bed today?
Beds are important to a cat.  Very important. After all, so much important time will be spent on it.
 First check it left,
Then Check it right.
Ahhhh so comfortable
And electrically heated too! Just as we hit the depths of winter.  This is the life.
We do have winter in Queensland don't we?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Long Time Away
Recently I've been concentrating on getting my health to a more stable place. This has involved a weight loss program - yep lost a Kilogram and I'm trim taught and terrific.  While the diabetes is not yet in remission, my last blood tests suggested that for the moment, things have settled. The Vets at Sunbury Animal Hospital were very happy with my progress.
Since I've lost the weight I've felt as playful and interactive as ever which is very heartening compared to where things were last school holidays just before Easter.  In fact my father called me a Slippery Kitten yesterday.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Enjoying the Easter Break

We hope you are able to have some time over the Easter holiday to sit back and enjoy the simple yet most important pleasures of life - resting and relaxing with family/friends and taking time out to enjoy where ever you are.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

What's Happened to Indy?
I've had an ear infection.  For twelve months I have endured many visits to various vets, copius amounts of medication, low allergy diets and diagnosis after diagnosis. All without complaint. 

Finally the Sunbury Animal Hospital had enough and referred me to a specialist.  Did you know that specialists are available for animals too? And require referrals, just as for humans? And cost a fortune, just as specialists for humans do? 

So off we went to the Melbourne Vet Referral service.  After poking and prodding and then all of us looking in his ear with a camera, it was decided that the best course was to clean his ear properly, whilst under anesethic. So here I am, recovering from  my ordeal, with my bandage on where the catheter was applied. 
On the way home we stopped in at his Mum's school to pick her up.  On the desk and amongst the books he demonstrated he is truly teacher's pet.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Quality Control - Inspecting the Quilting
I've been gone a while but I have been busy. I turned 12 last week, and yes, I have been busy conducting quality inspections on quilts as they are being completed.

Interestingly while mum was on holiday in Canberra, she took the part completed work with her and and her friend's cat also developed a fascination with it and whenever the quilt was out, her cat would immediately sit on it. When the quilt came home and made its first appearance, I decided to sit on it and test it.

Friday, January 22, 2010

We've Been Flat Out...
We've been working hard on an old UFO.....

It's needed a lot of thought and contemplation.....
as we made colour choices and fabric placement decisions.

The UFO is the first Leanne House BOM. I found a credit slip with this block dated September 2004. 
This is block 3. This is what has been achieved today. There is an embroidery block ( that is done) still to be inserted. It'll happen. We might have to have a little sleep though to keep our creativity levels up!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Working Towards A Finish

This little quilt has been waiting and waiting for its binding to be sewn on. It was quilted back in 2006. The binding was stored in a carefully labelled bag. So why the delay? It was having a "little holiday" in the cupboard and despite several searches couldn't be located! I had even started to try and find an alternative. Imagine my sheer delight and relief, when it made an appearance during the Great Cupboard Reorganisation event that took place at the start of the new year.
So with some help and encouragement, the binding has been sewn on.

Then it had to be checked and trimmed.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Busy Days
In between all that, I have been trying to get another quilt finished. As always, I realise I am fortunate to have "expert advice" close at hand!