Sunday, October 24, 2010

Great News

 My Diabetes Progress

Last week I flew to Melbourne to see my vets at the Sunbury Animal Hospital.  Once again I got to fly with my very favourite airline - Qantas.  Apparently they are my favourite airline because my parents get free drinks when we fly with them. 

So off we set for Melbourne, my Father and I to see the vets.  Flying and vets are not my favourite activities and in my cage I settled in for a good sulk.  Before we left home I tried hiding, I tried running, I tried resisting, but I was scooped into the cage and sent off as baggage.  Excuse me! Being treated as a piece of common baggage.  And they wonder why I sulk. 

Then the next day I had to go to the vets all day.  The vets is not a fun place, but I try my best to get what amusement I can out of them by growling every time they come near me.  This can be very funny, especially when the young assistants recoil in fear every time I growl.  What's not funny is the growls don't work on Dr Dennis and Dr Glenn and they spend the whole day taking blood samples from me.

When my parents came to get me Dr Dennis told Dad that my blood sugar levels were low all day and that I should stop insulin injections for the weekend and bring me back on Monday to see what was happening.

When went back on Monday everybody came into the surgery to watch me get my blood test!  The vets were there, the assistants were there and my parents were there.  This was my golden opportunity.  I growled at every one!  A very deep loud growl from way down inside my belly to sound just like a tiger.  The young assistants recoiled in fear - which was predictable, the parents laughed, which was insensitive, I was trying to be serious, and the vet, Nicole, stuck an needle in me and got some blood.  That earned another growl.

A drop of blood was put on the glucometer and everyone held their breath; except me - I was still growling.  Then Nicole said my blood sugar was spot on perfect and I don't need any more injections.  The vets smiled and laughed, my Mother cried, and she hadn't even seen the bill yet, and My Father said something about not having to stab himself all the time trying to give me my needles.

I just glared at everyone.

I have to go back for another test this week, just to make absolutely certain, and to make sure I can growl at everyone at the Vets that I missed last time.

The staff at the Sunbury Animal Hospital have been absolutely wonderful in their dedication, advice and encouragement in working with us to get Indy's diabetes into remission.  

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Shopping Bags

Shopping Bags
I know I got a new bed last winter, but, the parents keep leaving these shopping bags in the bath tub of the apartment. Well, they call it an apartment, but we know it is really a gaol.  You can tell because you just have to remember the fuss that was made when I got out on the window ledge.  If I had just learned to knot a few sheets together freedom would have been mine and there would be no stopping me.

Enough dreaming.

Anyway the gaolers, I mean parents, keep leaving shopping bags in the bath tub.  Because they've been to the shops they smell ooooh so nice.  That means they are good to sleep in.

If I sit still and hide deep in a bag, perhaps one day I might escape my prison by disguising myself in a shopping bag and get taken to the shops.