Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'm Sulking


I'm not happy.  Today my father came home and tried to cook dinner on the BBQ on the deck.  What a debacle.  Now I've told you about his culinary talents, or lack of them, before.  First of all the BBQ ran out of gas.  Then he took some perfectly good raw meat and ruined it on the stove inside.  I don't know why he just didn't eat it raw, like I would.

But that's not why I'm not happy.  I wanted to go out onto the deck because I wanted to go to my window ledge.  Now that I know how to go to the window ledge I've never missed an opportunity to try and hop back on to it.  The parents were so funny when I went out there last time.  Waving arms, talking loudly and then, the best bit - offering me raw beef bits to come back.  Easier than hunting I can tell you!  And then, to cap it off I get cuddled.
Well tonight I'm not happy.  When my father was ruining the meat on the stove I wanted to go out onto the deck and play, and then go to the window ledge.  I thought perhaps that might encourage him to take the rapidly cremating meat off the stove.

But he wouldn't let me out.  I stood at the door and looked out.  I stood as tall as I could looking out and I kept looking back at him to notice me.  But he ignored me.  I meowed as loudly as I could.  Believe me it was loud.  He still ignored me.  So - I went and hopped into the bath tub with the shopping bags and I meowed there.  

When the gaoler finally came in, I turned my back at him.  Just sat there and said nothing.  In fact I ignored him.  Ha! I thought, how do you like being ignored now?  Not funny is it?

I hoped he would get the message that I was displeased with him.  Instead he got the camera.  I didn't expect that!  Wait until he's not looking and I jump up to where he keeps that camera, then we'll see if he ignores me.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

X Marks the Spot

Hi Everyone.  Mum has been sick so, today, I set out to make it a memorable day for her.  This morning, after breakfast, I decided to surprise her. 

I went out onto the deck in my apartment, and then, when no one was watching, I jumped off the deck and onto another 3rd floor window ledge. (If you enlarge the picture of our apartment block X marks the spot.)

I could see everything from up there and I was sooooo happy.  When my Dad found me he foolishly told Mum where I was.  Mum came running out to see me.  Success!  So now I was back as the centre of attention.  I was even happier and my parents couldn't catch me.

Then came the best bit.  I couldn't get back.  You should have seen Mum freak out!  Funny how she thinks just telling Dad about the situation even louder will fix it.

Finally Dad ruined all my fun by stretching out as far as he could over the balcony railing, then he grabbed me by the scruff of the neck and under my chin and hauled me back in.  He had to lean out so far and put so much weight on the thin railing, then streeeetch to reach me so much he now thinks he's bruised one of his ribs.

Anyway, now I know exactly what to do and everytime I go out on the deck I head straight toward the window ledge.  I know my parents don't exactly know how I got out there yet, but somehow I'm not sure they are too keen for me to show them.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Stock Take Opportunity

The toaster came out of the cupboard today.  One of those rare Saturday morning events when the staff cook their own breakfasts instead of ripping something out of a packet like a muesli bar.  And I can tell you - I'm totally in awe of the way they use that toaster and how they skillfully turn perfectly good white bread to useless black toast.  Watching Master Chef on TV has made absolutely no difference to their culinary talents.

Oh I should clarify, I've been advised that I'm supposed to be sweet and cute and as a result, I'm not allowed to call the humans I have here servants or gaolers, so I've resorted to referring to them as staff.  Innocuous enough I hope.  Anyway, I digress.

So I took the opportunity to look at where the toaster lives and check if there was any food stockpiled.  Predictably there was none.

I also went to the vet today. My ear infection is back, so here we go again, more antibiotics.  I also suffered the indignity of sitting with dogs, being weighed - and now they all know my weight and having a light shoved in my ear and cotton buds stuffed into it.  Growling at the vet seemed to have some beneficial effect as he didn't try and take my temperature this time.