Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My iPad

In case you've been  wondering what I've been up to, I got an iPad!
It's very good. I like the retina display.  It makes things look realistic.

Recently I got a new game.  For some reason it's called 'Cat Fishing'.  

As a game it's quite interesting.  It kept me busy for a whole 20 minutes trying to work it out the other night.  And that was after it took the parent about 30 minutes to set it up.

Simply put, pounce on a fish and score points. Whatever a point is?  I know you can't eat them. 

There are good points and bad points.  For a start, you don't get wet pouncing on fishes, which is a good thing.  This would probably lull most cats into a false sense of security and allow them to take the whole water thing for granted. This is likely to dull the fishing skills - not enhance them.  That makes it a very poor fishing simulator.

The main problem I find is, the person who made it could not have had the foggiest idea about cats or fishing. There seems to be a sheet of glass between me and the fish.  This makes it impossible to do any fishing. I tried several times to get my paw through, under, around and over the glass and no luck.  No fish!

The best thing is, while I'm working the game the parent sits still and watches me.  It keeps him out of trouble, so I guess, for that benefit alone, it's worth the effort.